Emily Hastings, LPC, NCPC

I’ll help you redefine the way you view yourself and others, understand why you do things you don’t want to do, and help you become aligned in mind, body, and spirit. 

A Unique Approach

My approach is not traditional; I don't waste time on classic ineffective therapy, we don’t spend much time on the surface, and my favorite clients to work with are those who want to become real. 


My clients come back because they experience change...this happens so often that my clients have termed my therapy style as being on the fast track. You will walk out of my sessions with more insight than you walked in with and/or much to contemplate. If you are looking for a therapist who will simply listen and reflect, back I'm not for you.


Many of us long to live out our purpose in life - I worked to find mine (my career) and will help you find yours. To do so requires us to be real, honest, candid, seeking and receptive. I care more about your character than your comfort.




Rational thoughts that you know to be true

Emotions are never the basis for decisions 

Actions based on truth

Loving God more than yourself

About Me

The best way to describe my work and who I am am is "REAL"...  

I am honest, direct, kind, and committed. I have experienced struggle and conflict just like everyone.

At the time, I did not understand that my pain had a purpose, and maybe you do not either. But it did, and your does too. And one day you will understand why you had to walk through the pain. 


It's important to me to know I have been used to make a difference in someone's life. There is no better feeling.


I believe there is a difference between THE truth and our own truth. In my practice, I operate from THE truth. 

I don't believe in providing mediocre service. I believe it's imperative to provide truth. I value discernment and wisdom. I believe your vulnerability is what makes you beautiful...it's what tough people can do. I have a strong faith that must be excerised daily. I love my family and my dog, Archie.


I am blessed to be a blessing. 



Emily Hastings, LPC, NCPC

I received my Masters in Professional Counseling in 2002. I completed my internship at Kids in The Middle (group and individual counseling for kids and families working through divorce) in St. Louis, Missouri. I completed my post masters professional counseling clinicals at a nonprofit serving the general population in Franklin, Tennessee.


I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator. Initially I spent much of my time working with families who were experiencing high conflict in some area of their life, specifically divorce, and offering expert testimony in our court system.


I have since moved away from working in this area and now focus on those who want help, who are not afraid to be challenged, and who want to find peace.  

I am at a place in life where there is nothing more important than my family, my clients, and my mission. I live in Franklin, Tennessee and have two adult children. I also have a fur baby...Archie, whom I adore!


What Clients Say About Me

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Proven strategies and action-based suggestions for healing and growth.

Services include:





divorce and post divorce issues

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